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The arLCD combines the best of ezLCD-3xx and the Arduino UNO. The arLCD is not just an LCD and you should not confuse it with a snails pace 2.8 LCD shield that uses almost all your I/O pins!

arLCD is a full smart ezLCD GPU with the Arduino Uno R3 on the same PCB in a thin, easy to integrate package with a panel mount bezel available in the near future.

The 3.5 has 64% more display area than a 2.8 LCD. The arLCD combines the Arduino and the award winning ezLCD into a single product, ready to accept all Arduino compatible shields. The arLCD can be used in many applications such as thermostat control, lighting controls, home security, audio control, water level gauge, robotics, operational control, and button switches. Note unlike the ezLCD-303 (long term 5-7 year production life) the arLCD is not recommended for long term projects. Pricing, specifications and availability are subject to change.
For long term projects consider using an ezLCD-3xx with an external arduino or an EarthMake+. An ezLCD-303 would be the same size and of course the other ezLCD-3xx give you size options form 2.6" to 4.3".

Price: $99.00
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EarthMake+ Rev B
Arduino Uno Compatible
ezLCD-30x Connector - Connect to 2.6"-4.3" Smart Touch Screen LCD's
Olimex I/O Connector
Micro SD connector
Screw Shield Build In (Terminal blocks)
I2C Termination Resistor Pads
Footprint for Buzzer
Standard Arduino Programmer Connector
Price: $59.00
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